Electronics development

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We offer development of electronics from clients idea through finished product for mass production. We work from schematics design, PCB board design, component selection, making prototype board, programming it and then testing operation, measuring operational values and making technical documentation.


For electronics development we use Autodesk EAGLE software, which enables the drawing of the electrical circuit, the printed circuit board and also the 3D model of the circuit. The software enables fast and high-quality design of electronic circuits, and in combination with 3D modelers, the possibility of parallel development of mechanical components.


In our workshop we have soldering station for TH, SMD and batch soldering in reflow oven, laboratory equipment for diagnostics and debugging and also chip programming equipment. We also have established suppliers for PCBs and components.


We have successfully developed over 100 major and minor projects for our clients, where most of them met the market and are now being manufactured and sold in 100.000+ units.