Thermal Camera

I’ve build my own DIY thermal camera based on FLIR Lepton 3 sensor, which gives great resolution of thermal image and very broad usability. I use camera for PCB monitoring and thermal optimization of PCBs. Enclosure is made of 3mm real carbon fibre to provide good sensor/components protection. Camera also has additional remote narrowband temperature sensor to allow better sensor calibration throughout the sensor temperature limits.

Thermal resolution: 160×120 (interpolated 640×480)
Temperature measuring resolution: <0.05°C 
Temperature range: -40 to 200°C
Screen: 320×240, 3.2″, touchscreen
Point temperature calibration: -70 to 380°C
Accuracy of point temperature sensor: 0.5°C across whole range
Operation time: 4-6h 
Charging: USB