Development of mechanical components, prototypes and products. 2D and 3D design, prototype manufacturing, mechanical calculations, documentation.


Development of electronics circuits, PCBs and devices. Creation of electronic schematics, PCB design, selection of components, assembly of prototype, mass production planning and technical documentation.


Electronics software development. Programming microcontrollers in C++, development of the environments for analysis and displaying of data. Writing programs in VBA and C#.

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Drone tech

Constructing, calculating, fabricating, testing, programming and repairing unmanned vehicles and equipment.

3D Design

Drawings of mechanical and electronic components in a 3D CAD environment for 3D printing, CNC cutting or rendering.

Prototype manufacturing

3D Print

We offer 3D printing on an upgraded professional 3D printer.

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Custom enclosures and 3D design

ADD Pros d.o.o.

Drone technology.

EKVisuals d.o.o.

Thermocamera solution.

Coolomat d.o.o.

Measuring and logging equipment for cold storage process optimization.

Mirosan d.o.o.

Development of product electronics, measurements devices, loggers and controllers for manufacturing process.

EKWB d.o.o.

Professional drone design and development of specialized electronics.

Inprosis d.o.o.

Development of industrial process device, 3D model and technical documentation.

Ragraf d.o.o.

Development of software and PCB for prototype.

Entijs Canada Inc.

Development of ALU/carbon fiber EOAT (end of arm tooling) and attachments.

FANUC Adria d.o.o.

Development of mechanical prototypes and thermal camera measurements.

Brinox d.o.o.

Industrial controller maintenance.

FTehnik d.o.o.

Development of complex measurement and control systems.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Ljubljana

Drone tech.

EKVisuals d.o.o.

Development of drone technology.

Univox d.o.o.

Development of mechanical prototypes

Resnik Glass

PCB development

ESSITech d.o.o.

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