HexaBee Drone

Hexabee is professional aerial photography platform with 6 motors. First was designed and produced in 2013 and was updated 2 times in following years. It exists in 2 versions – Normal and extra light foldable version. It was designed as aerial platform to carry low-mid weight DSLR cameras. Light version is capably of flying more than 45min and reaching up to 100km/h vertical speed.

At JKTech I have one fully operational HexaBee V2 which can be used for measurements, tests and evaluation. It’s capably of carrying payload up to 8kg.

Diameter: 920mm
Take-off weight (normal camera setup): 5000gr
Max range: 2-10km
Max. speed: 96.6km/h
Max. climb: 6m/s
Max. take-off weight: 12kg
Flight time with camera: 12 min
Max. flight time with minimal payload: 45min+

More about Hexabee (Slovene): http://forum.modelarji.com/viewtopic.php?f=135&t=84639