“Staysafe” Drone Safety device

Staysafe drone safety system

Staysafe is universal drone safety device that compliments drone parachute system. Device will recognize parachute deployment and will immediately stop motors to prevent parachute malfunction. It will also trigger audible siren to warn the surroundings and lower the landing gear to minimize payload/camera damage when landing with parachute.

  • Immediate response – average response time below 10 ms
  • Multiple sensing modes – PWM and FUSE triggering option to fit them all
  • Versatile – Works with multirotor system with up to 8 motors
  • Damage reduction – Automatic landing gear deployment to reduce multirotor damage
  • Alarming – Provides incredibly loud sound alarm to warn surroundings
  • Extra safety – Does not let you take off without properly installed triggering unit
  • Lightweight – Made out of lightest and strongest materials to provide lightweight
  • Carbon fiber – Enclosing is of real carbon fiber to match multirotor looks and provide additional interference shield.
  • Quick stop – Motors are stopped with stop signal, which is fastest way of stopping the motors.
  • Standard connections – Device is connected with standard servo connections.
  • Quality assurance – Each individual device is extensively tested.

    More about the project: www.staysafe.cc