3D Printer Enclosure

3D printer enclosure

I’ve designed and build DIY Industrial 3D printer enclosure. Enclosure around 3D printer is very important, as it:

  • Increases printing performance
  • Prevents warping
  • Stabilizes printing process
  • Reduces amount of noise
  • Filters particles and fumes with HEPA/Carbon filter
  • Allows dry storage area for filaments
  • Allows easy printer manipulation and filament changing
  • Protects 3D printer from outside damages and dust
  • Looks good with dynamic LED lighting

Enclosure is build of aluminium extrusions (3030 type), acrylic sheets and wood panels wrapped in carbon fiber decals. It uses hidden joint system, rubber gaskets for doors and ventilation/filtration. Electronics was specially developed for this project:

If you are interested in buying PLANS to build this enclosure, please visit my webshop:

3D Printer Enclosure