Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is hobby where I’ve tested all the technology that I’ve created. With over 1000h of flight and hundredths of test […]

Stinger Drone

Stinger is modern FPV racing quadcoper with minimal drag and high speed. It was made in 2017 and specifically designed for aerobatic, […]


Acrobee is my first racing/acro quadcopter with 4 motors. It was designed for aerobatic and FPV racing flight. First was made 2014 […]

MiniBee Drone

MiniBee is the smallest aerial platform built to carry professional recording cameras around the world. It was designed to carry small-mid sized […]

OctaBee Drone

OctaBee is bigger and stronger version of HexaBee. It has 8 motors and it’s designed to carry heavier payloads (up to 15kg). […]

HexaBee Drone

Hexabee is professional aerial photography platform with 6 motors. First was designed and produced in 2013 and was updated 2 times in […]

Thermal Camera

I’ve build my own DIY thermal camera based on FLIR Lepton 3 sensor, which gives great resolution of thermal image and very […]

Power LC Filter

Because of analog image transmission in FPV drone flying (racing drones, mostly), there is demand for very clean power supply. Since powerful […]

Lithium Battery Charger

With evolving of micro-drone technology and high interest there was a need of a specialized charger for small (~100-500mAh) Lithium-Polymer batteries. Charger […]