CNC Milling machine

CNC Milling Machine – BF30 Retrofit

I’ve retrofitted BF30 manual milling machine into full 3-axis CNC machine. It has 3x servo-motor drives, C5 ballscrews, oiled ways and dual spindle. I use it for machining prototypes and testing parts of innovative devices.

Measurement logging device

Industrial analysis tool / Measurement & Logger

Device was developed (PCB/software/enclosure/hardware) for our customer. It’s industrial analysis tool to assist production and repairs. It also allows long-term SD card measurement logging. Device is enclosed in custom made anodized aluminium enclosure and has color touch display.

Staysafe drone safety system

“Staysafe” Drone Safety device

Staysafe is universal drone safety device that compliments drone parachute system. Device will recognize parachute deployment and will immediately stop motors to prevent parachute malfunction. It will also trigger audible siren to warn the surroundings and lower the landing gear to minimize payload/camera damage when landing with parachute. Immediate response – average response time below 10 […]

Replica of Naval Cannon

It’s fun project I’ve made as gift for my father and to test out my new lathe for prototyping. Plans can be bought here:    

Smart 3D Printer Enclosure Electronics

I’ve designed Smart 3D Printer Enclosure electronics. It has: 480×320 RGB Touch Display 2x Temperature + 2x Humidity measurements in °C and °F Filter/temperature fan control Fan PWM control with precise interrupt driven RPM sensor Fan shut-off via onboard mosfet Onboard 7-32V DC-DC voltage regulator 3 or 4 wire Addressable LED lights controller (WS2812, WS2801…) […]

3D printer enclosure

3D Printer Enclosure

I’ve designed and build DIY Industrial 3D printer enclosure. Enclosure around 3D printer is very important, as it: Increases printing performance Prevents warping Stabilizes printing process Reduces amount of noise Filters particles and fumes with HEPA/Carbon filter Allows dry storage area for filaments Allows easy printer manipulation and filament changing Protects 3D printer from outside […]

Wireless temperature measurement system

For my Master thesis on Faculty of mechanical engineering I’m working on wireless temperature measuring device, that allows measuring temperature on rotating tool on a mill. It’s powered with 2 onboard Li-Po batteries, which are charged wirelessly. Data is transmitted via Bluetootl Low-Energy 4.0 system. Measuring is done via thermocouple Type K in a metal […]

Pagoda Antenna

Pagoda is type of antenna that is widely used in FPV drone racing and it’s working on 5.8GHz frequency. It’s main features are high gain, very lightweight design, low aerial drag and very tolerant to mechanical damages. It’s opensource project. Making antenna is very precise manual process as geometry and soldering must be perfect to […]

Diversity video receiver

Diversity video receiver is electronics that receives video signal through 2 antennas and works on 5.8GHz field. Project is fully compatible hardware for publically available open-source software.


Skyris is professional project that was made to fullfill legal obligations and CAA regulations for flying in towns and closer to people. Skyris was the first and only drone that was capable of recording RAW 4K video while comply with all regulations. It’s foldable and light innovative aerial platform with optimized aerodynamics, airflow around motors […]