DIY Smart 3D Printer Enclosure - Version 2024

Build your 3D Printer Enclosure YOURSELF with these Files! Industrial grade for lowest price!
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Build your own DIY 3D Printer Enclosure and IMPROVE your 3D Printing game!
Fully customizable and adjustable for ANY 3D Printer


  • Dramatically increase 3D print quality with controlled environment
  • Eliminate harmful particles and toxic fumes with HEPA+Carbon filter
  • Reduce 3D Printer noise to minimum level for aparment, living room, school or office use
  • Filament compartment for DRY and always ready material storage
  • Filter intake air to protect your machine and material from environment dust
  • Protect the printer from dust and damage
  • Build yourself cheap and with minimal tools
  • Resize to fit YOUR 3D Printers
  • Customize to fit single or multiple printers, multiple tool drawers, FDM, Resin SLA...
  • Heavy duty industrial design that will last decades!
  • Cheap DIY Tool drawers with LED
  • Full digital Dynamic RGB LED lighting of Enclosure
  • Remote control main power, each 3D Printer indvidually
  • Monitor Humidity + Temperatures and control exhaust PWM FAN
  • Tons of additional features like fire detection, door detection, light control, remote IP Camera...

By buying this item you will receive FILES to help you build this enclosure yourself and adapt it to your printer and room requirements. You will receive in digital form:
- Full 3D model in editable and clean universal STEP 3D format
- All 3D Printable parts in STL format
- BOM (Bill of material) in Excel
- Step by Step photos of assembly in professional quality (367 photos / 1.33gb!)
- Dimensions of all required hardware parts and Calculator to quickly adapt size to your needs
- Sample photos of all components required
- Sample links to buy and search components locally or online
- Updates of new enclosure combinations, links, news etc.

Thank you for buying and your support to development!

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