3D Printer Enclosure ELECTRONICS V2

Enclosure Controller for monitoring Temperature+Humidity, Control PWM FAN RPM, digital LED WS2812 Controller, Fire Detection...
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This is controller for ANY 3D Printer Enclosure that will control your PWM FAN (for HEPA+Carbon Filter) and monitor its RPM. Device also measures Temperature and Humidity of 2 different compartments and displays it in °C or °F. It will also control Digital RGB lighting system with different static and dynamic presets.

Device features:

  • PWM FAN Control (Power + RPM) with ability to power off FAN completely (MosFET)
  • Digital RGB LED Control (3 and 4 Wire Digital LED strips supported. Like WS2812B etc.)
  • 2x Temperature+Humidity monitoring for two different compartments (Printer, Filament or Room)
  • Fire Detection algorithms
  • Dynamic RGB LED illumination options
  • Door sensing function (full white light when door is open for easy operation of 3D printer)
  • Very high precision FAN RPM reading
  • Brightness of Display and LED strips is now selectable.
  • °C and °F options

You will receive:

  • Fully presoldered mainboard for Electronics V2
  • Onboard DC-DC regulator preset to correct voltage
  • All Electronics V2 files inc. Manual, Instructions, Bill of Material with links, Software, Arduno Code, photos, 3D model of enclosure in editable STEP and STL formats.
  • Files delivered to your e-mail.
  • Mainboard shipped with Priority+Tracked post or even Express DHL shipping.

More about the project:

Updates are free and included!
Thank you for buying and your support to development!
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