Staysafe 8 - UAV/Drone Throttle Cut / Parachute Aux Safety System

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Staysafe 8 is an auxiliary safety system that monitors parachute deployment status. It supports up 8 motors. In the case of parachute deployment Staysafe responds immediately by shutting off the motors, enabling the alarm and lowering the landing gear. The system is based on two triggering modes. In the first mode it measures mechanical fuse status, which eliminates false triggering. If the fuse is mechanically broken (parachute is physically deployed) than the device is activated. The second is PWM mode. If PWM signal indicate parachute deployment then the device is activated. When Staysafe is activated the motors are stopped by sending stop signal to ESCs, which allows the motors to stop rapidly, especially with active-breaking drive systems. The landing gear is lowered to reduce the risk of impact damage. Sound alarm is turned on in the event of fall to alert the surrounding area. Additional safety feature is preventing user to take-off without properly installed parachute, fuse or secondary battery.

Technical Specifications
• Dimensions: 45x43x14mm / 1.77x1.69x0.55"
• Weight: 18g / 0.63oz
• Input voltage range: 4.5V - 5.5V
• Current consumption: 10-30mA
• Recommended input voltage: 5V ±0.1V
• Fuse sensor voltage max: 16.8V (4s Li-Po)
• PWM input signal: 50Hz, 5V, 500us-2500us
• Gear down signal: 900us, 50Hz, 5V
• Motor stop signal: 900us , 50Hz, 5V
• Sound alarm loudness: 107dB+

• Operating temperature: -25°C - +40°C / -13°F - +104°F

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