Sidewinder AIM-9 Scale 3D Model Airplane Missile Files (3D printer optimized)

Files - 3D Printable Model Airplane Missile Sidewinder AIM-9B
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This are files for 3D printing scale air-to-air Sidewinder AIM-9 L/M for use on model airplanes or displays. It uses 0.5mm wall thickness inexpensive carbon fiber tube (Link to purchase in the BOM) for body and all other parts are optimized for 3D printing, lightweight, scale details and strength.

It also has possibility to add model-rocket motor or smoke-cartridge with electrical ignition.

Files are for 1:6 scale, but can be easily scaled up or scaled down for ANY OTHER scale. (I've done 1:6 and 1:5 scale)

You will receive:
- Instruction technical drawing with measurements, so you know where to glue parts on the tube to have real scale positions.
- 3D files for printing - Individual and all together disassembled + assembled.
- Bill of material with links and help for printing.
- Pictures

In case you don't have 3D Printer, you can contact to provide you quote for 3D Printing service.

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