3D Printer Enclosure ELECTRONICS V2 + DIY Enclosure files/plans

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As an average 3D printer user, where printer is either used in living room, office or dusty workshop, I've decided to build DIY enclosure that will:
  • Dramatically increase print quality of ABS, PETG, PLA, TPU and other materials.
  • Get constant printing environment for best consistency between prints in all seasons.
  • Protect the printer from dust and damage.
  • Filter the exhaust air to prevent fumes and particles.
  • Reduce the printer noise to almost zero.
  • Store the filaments in very convenient place, so they are kept dry and ready to use.
  • Temperature/Humidity monitoring in printer and filament room.
  • Looks great with all that fancy dynamic LED lighting.
  • Monitor 3D printing process via IP Camera, mobile app or browser app.
  • Increase overall 3D printing user experience!

By buying this item you will receive FILES to help you build this enclosure yourself and adapt it to your printer + electronic MAINBOARD + software shipped.

You will receive in digital form:
- BOM (Bill of material) in Excel
- Dimensions of all items
- Sample photos of all components required
- Sample links to buy and search components locally or abroad
- 3D model of the enclosure (can be measured/tweaked for easier customizing)
- 150+ build photos
- V2 electronics BOM
- V2 electronics manual and other info
- Updates and news
- CUSTOM BOM CALCULATOR (for easy automatic enclosure dimensions changing)
- Shipped to your address with priority+tracked shipping:
- Fully presoldered mainboard for Electronics V2
- Onboard DC-DC regulator preset to correct voltage
- Electronics V2 manual
- Electronics V2 Microcontroller open/editable software
- Electronics V2 Touch display software
- Electronics V2 photos, electronics enclosure 3D files etc.


Updates are free and included!
Thank you for buying and your support to development!
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